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There are many benefits to using a condensate removal pump over gravity, but what specific technologies are available, and what are their advantages?

There are four different types of condensate removal pumps:

  • Piston
  • Peristaltic
  • Centrifugal
  • Diaphragm
Aspen provide pumps within all of these categories; please continue reading to find out their different advantages and ideal applications.

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How a Air conditioning Pump works

This video shows how a pump removes condensate water within an Air conditioning system, and evacuates it from the building.

Piston pumps

Piston technology uses a small oscillating piston that oscillates at 60 cycles per second. It uses positive displacement and can operate between two one-way values.

Piston pumps are quiet, small and have flexible installation options. Because the piston pumps are very quiet (if designed right) they suit indoor use near meeting rooms or in offices. For Aspen’s quietest pumps please see our mini pump range and silent+ mini pump range. Aspen has solved the potential problem of siphoning with their revolutionary Anti Siphoning Device and now include this free with all Mini Pumps and Silent+ Mini Pumps.

Peristaltic pumps

A type of positive displacement pump with a precision engineered rotor squeezing a santoprene tube, driven by a powerful gear motor.

Extremely reliable and being able to pump potentially unclean water, they pump long distances and can be installed a great distance away from the unit meaning this is ideal for hotels or buildings where the units are located remotely or in inaccessible rooms. With their long life they are truly a long-term investment. Aspen pioneered the use of the peristaltic pump 20 years ago, have a look at our peristaltic range.

Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal technology is a rotodynamic pump that uses a shade pole motor connected to rotating blade that’s spinning within an enclosed housing to create flow.

These pumps may be noisy but are cost-effective and ideal for applications that require higher water volumes, for example the tank pump range. The centrifugal pumps must be placed underneath the unit.

Diaphragm pumps

Another type of positive displacement pump. These pumps have been developed for specialist applications, such as the Aspen supermarket range.