mini pumps

mini size, maximum power


Since the launch of the best selling Mini Orange, Aspen has become the global leader for mini condensate pumps. Mini pumps operate on a float switch mechanism which detects the presence of water in the drain pan, activating the pump. Aspen offer the most complete and high performance range of mini pumps in the world.

  • Small & powerful
  • Quiet & reliable
  • Market leading
  • Plug & play

Mini pump product range

Mini Orange & Maxi Orange

The world’s best selling mini pump offers unrivalled reliability and performance.

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Maxi Lime

The patented Lime System is a unique one piece elbow pump, mounted within a dedicated trunking system. It’s compact design allows easy install & maintenance.

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Mini Aqua

The world’s slimmest condensate removal pump is designed to fit where other’s can’t!

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Mini Blanc

The ‘ultra quick fit’ Mini Blanc is designed to be fitted beneath high wall indoor units and offers easy access for future maintenance.

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