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Aspen Pumps Takes Market by Storm

Aspen Pumps is proud to announce the launch of Storm Chemicals, a new range of innovative products designed to clean and maintain Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) equipment.

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Aspen Pumps is Triple finalist in Cooling Industry Awards

Aspen Pumps is thrilled to announce that it has been shortlisted three times in the prestigious RAC Cooling Industry Awards. The company has been shortlisted in the Air Conditioning Innovation - VRFs, Heat Pumps, Fan Coils and Peripherals category and the Air Conditioning Product of the Year - Components and peripherals category.

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Aspen Pumps Staff take on Charity Bike Ride to Paris

An intrepid team of 11 staff from Aspen Pumps is taking on the challenge of cycling from its headquarters in Hailsham, East Sussex all the way to Paris to raise money for local charity, Chestnut Tree House.

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Aspen Pumps acquires Salina SAS

Aspen Pumps Group has completed the acquisitions of Salina SAS a leading French distributor of air-conditioning and refrigeration ancillaries.

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Aspen Launches Best in Class Tank Pump

Aspen Pumps, has launched the MAX Hi- Flow tank pump. An evolution in tank pumps, the MAX Hi-Flow offers best in class performance and build-quality, as well as being the safest and quietest tank pump on the market.

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Vern Klein Joins Aspen Pumps

Aspen Pumps, is delighted to announce the appointment of Vern Klein as Aspen Xtra Business Development Manager.

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Aspen Launches First On-Demand Condensate Pump

Aspen Pumps, the UK’s market leader in condensate removal pumps, has launched the first on-demand condensate pump - the Micro-v i4. The next generation of condensate pump, the Micro-v i4 only operates as needed and as a result boasts cost and energy saving benefits, as well as quiet running and a longer life with a 2 year warranty.

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Aspen Pumps Celebrates Win at RAC Cooling Industry Awards

Aspen Pumps, one of the market leaders in condensate removal pumps, is celebrating winning a prestigious Cooling Industry Award for its innovative Micro-v i4.

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The first pump with integrated i4 technology

To continue with our tradition of offering the most innovative mini pumps on the market, we are adding to our award winning range of Mini pumps – giving the installer even greater choice and installation flexibility.

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Pro Pipe Supplies Pty Australia

Aspen Pumps Limited (“Aspen”), the global leader in condensate pumps, is pleased to announce its investment in Pro Pipe Supplies Pty (“Pro Pipe”), one of Australia’s leading HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) distributors.

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Sustainability and Growth

A commodity that most take for granted. Seen by a many as worth more than gold, and with most people unaware that this treasure can be right in the room with them... Serge Becker of Aspen Pumps explains more.

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3i invests in Aspen Pumps

Aspen Pumps, the globally recognised market leader within the condensate pump market, is pleased to announce its acquisition by 3i.

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Sustainability and Air Conditioning

Fresh Water is the most valuable and yet scare commodity on the planet. Grey water is becoming increasingly important.

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Queens Award for Innovation

As recognition of Aspens commitment to providing innovative, market leading products the company has been awarded the Queens Award for Innovation.

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Yacht Editoral

The importance of air cooling on long voyages is critical. The thought of computers and electronic equipment failing, due to overheating when you’re in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean is not a happy one.

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Aspen Xtra is the new range of HVAC installation accessories from Aspen Pumps. Aspen Xtra offers engineers the flexibility and reliability for all their installation needs.

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Aqua Plug and Play

We have now added the plug and play option to the mini aqua pump family, which will help make an already easy installation; even easier!

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Anti Siphoning Device

After extensive research and development, Aspen has created a revolutionary Anti Siphoning Device which will prevent its pumps from siphoning.

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Boiler Pumps

Market-leading pump expert Aspen has designed a range of unique boiler pumps for the domestic, commercial and OEM markets across Europe.

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Silent+ Pumps

Aspen Pumps is extending its offering of high-performance pumps with the launch of its new Silent+ range.

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Aspen Films

Following the completion of our Corporate film last month we have now successfully completed filming our pump installation films as well.

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Castel Engineering

Aspen Pumps has been chosen by Castel Engineering to be the exclusive distributor for their brackets, ducting, drip trays and mounting blocks.

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