Peristaltic Pumps

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Our peristaltic pump range is the ‘best of the best’. Offering unrivalled remote install possibilities, they can be placed as far as 8 metres from the AC unit without affecting performance. Perfect for spaces which require unobtrusive maintenance access (eg hotels, hospitals). Handling dirty & oily water and with the added benefit that they can run dry, our peristaltic pump range is ideal for commercial remote applications.

  • Remote install
  • Ultra reliable
  • Constant flow rate
  • Can run dry

Peristaltic condensate pump product range


The top selling Universal is operated by two air temperature sensors. The peristaltic rotary movement creates a continuous pressure meaning the pump can be sited 8m away from the source with no effect in performance.

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Operated by an air conditioning cooling signal, the Standard peristaltic sets the standard for reliability. The remote install options means minimum future maintenance disruption.

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The MK4 peristaltic is operated using two water sensors. The lower sensor comes into contact with water, the heat conductivity from that sensor provides a temperature difference between the second – energising the pump.

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Bringing mini pump and peristaltic pump technology together. Simply position the remote reservoir (float switch) in the condensate tray or fix to the drain-pipe connection (depending on chosen reservoir). Alarm option available.

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