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There are several reasons why condensate can be generated inside a building, for example air conditioning units, refrigeration units or heating units just to name a few. There are two ways of draining this condensate:

  • by gravity
  • through the use of a condensate removal pump.
Removing condensate water through gravity will often have very limited aesthetical solutions, as tubes leading the condensate water away into a suitable drain can often not go very far distances. Leading one of these tubes outside to drain out of the building can damage your walls and look very unappealing!

A condensate removal pump will solve this problem because you no longer rely on gravity, but can pump the condensate water to drain anywhere! Advantages of using a condensate removal pump:

  • no slope/gravity required
  • ultimate flexibility
  • works in tight spaces
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • cheaper and faster installation
  • no external impact on the building
Lead all the water away into a suitable drain, efficiently and effectively removing condensate water without anyone knowing.

Aspen is the market leader in condensate removal and we are proud to offer the widest range of pumps available.

We are sure you will find a suitable pump for your application within our pump range.

Whether you are installing multiple units in a hotel, requiring long distance and ultra-reliable condensate removal - we recommend our peristaltic range - or whether it is for that air conditioning unit in the meeting room that needs to be quiet without interrupting - we recommend our Silent+ range - an Aspen condensate removal pump will solve the problem of condensate efficiently, quietly and aesthetically.

For our complete pump range please view our product overview page or simply browse the pumps in the left menu for more information.

If you are interested in some of the technical aspects of a condensate removal pump please visit about pump fundamentals.