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Aspen Pumps provide pumps & accessories for the air conditioning, heating & refrigeration industry.

Our extensive range boasts the largest variety of condensate removal pumps and we are confident you will find something suitable for your application. A brief overview of each range is detailed to the right. For a more detailed overview, do please view the range pages.

There are many reasons why all of Aspen’s pumps will save the installer money, and why Aspen is the market leader in condensate removal. Our pumps have unique benefits such as:

  • reliability: fully potted pumps, quality and control testing and highly qualified engineers ensure our products are ultra reliable.
  • ease of installation: self-priming means you don’t tediously have to wet your pump before use and with a plug-and-play design and everything you need in one box installing could hardly be easier! Our pumps can be installed in a variety of locations, and with the widest range available the options are numerous.
  • Silence: Our quietest ranges benefit from the quietest dB(A)s in the market. Continuous development such as the acoustic damper, or anti vibration bracket ensure dB(A)s continue to drop.
  • no siphoning: the Aspen Anti Siphoning Device ensures that there will never be any siphoning again. Siphoning is a problem of the past. All pumps have a free anti siphoning device.
  • voltage variations: distributing to over 70 countries we ensure to cater for all potential voltage needs. For more details on different voltages and our univolt pumps please see the installation manuals.
If you need any help selecting your pump, please have a look at our pump selector.

Mini pumps

Aspen has become the global market innovator for Mini Pumps building a reputation for designing reliable and quiet pumps that the installer can fit where space is limited.

Mini Orange & Maxi Orange

Mini Lime & Maxi Lime

Mini Aqua

Mini Blanc

Silent+ pumps

The Silent+ pumps are designed around a “total system approach” as to ensure they operate as quietly and efficiently as possible when installed in a unit or trunking. The new Silent+ pumps benefit from the latest in condensate removal pump technology.

Silent+ Mini Lime

Silent+ Mini Orange

Silent+ Mini Aqua

Tank pumps

When looking for high flow rate, built in high-level safety, reliability, hot & cold water options and value for money, Aspen tank pumps are the perfect solution. The tank pumps are designed to perform even under the most challenging of applications, including hot water.

Mini Tank pump

Hi-flow 0.5L

Hi-flow 1L & 2L

Hi-lift 1L & 2L

Heavy Duty 6m & 10m

Hot Water Heavy Duty & Economy

Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps offer the ideal solution for condensate removal due to the combination of quietness, reliability and installation advantages. The pump can be sited over 15m away from the condensate source with no effect on performance. In addition, the pump mechanism does not come into contact with the water, removing the risk of contamination or corrosion.





Supermarket pumps

Supermarket pumps are a complete solution to meet the growing demand for the reliable condensate removal pumps within the retail refrigeration industry. Aspen’s refrigeration pumps offer a lower carbon alternative.

Low Profile ERRP


Cold Cabinet


Boiler pumps

The perfect solution for removing condensation from high efficiency domestic and industrial condensing boilers. Using internal float switches the pump automatically removes the collected condensate when required.

Kitchen boiler pump

Compact boiler pump

Alarm boiler pump

Hi-capacity boiler pump