low sound, high performance


Today end users are demanding quieter air conditioning pumps in areas such as offices and hotels. Silent+ pumps are perfectly suited for these types of applications. The Silent+ range is designed around a ‘total system approach’ to ensure they operate as quietly as possible without compromising on performance.

  • Whisper quiet
  • Acoustic damper
  • Small & powerful
  • Plug & play

Silent+ product range

Silent+ Mini Orange

The world’s no.1 mini pump becomes the quietest in its class! Featuring an acoustic damper, anti vibration tubing & bracket, the Silent+ Mini Orange is whisper quiet.

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Silent+ Mini Lime

The Silent + Mini Lime is designed around a 'total system approach' and includes many features to create a truly silent system. Perfect for offices and meeting rooms. ('Pump only pack' also available).

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Silent+ Mini Aqua

Combining Silent+ technology and the slimmest mini pump on the market, the Silent+ Mini Aqua leads the way in innovation.

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