range exclusively
distributed to the
HVAC industry by
Aspen Pumps

With Veto Pro Pac's patented centre panel, vertical tiered pockets and polypropylene/waterproof bases, your tools will be easily accessible, readily available and well protected regardless of your work environment. They will also save you many trips to the van and time searching for tools.
AX3513 Tech Pac MCT

AX3513 Tech Pac MCT

With 44 tool pockets the Tech MCT is a compact, yet fully featured service, repair or installation tool bag that features Veto Pro Pac’s patented center panel.

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AX3500 Tech LC

Designed for the HVAC/R technicians' tools and working environment. The Tech LC is built to last, incorporating 53 pockets for hand tools, parts, meters, refridge & cordless tools.

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AX3501 Tech Pac

Veto Pro Pac's Tech Pac is Veto's first backpack tool bag designed specifically for professional service and commissioning engineers carrying tools, laptops & service checkers.

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AX3502 Tech Pac LT

Veto Pro Pac's Tech Pac LT is the ideal laptop backpack tool bag designed for service engineers. Perfect for quick response inner city callouts.

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AX3503 Tech XL

The Tech XL is the technician version of Veto Pro Pac's award winning XL tool bag.

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AX3504 TP3

Small yet spacious. The TP3 is a clip-on diagnostics bag designed to hold a meter and a variety of tools.

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AX3505 TP4

The TP4 is a service technician's tool bag. 20 pockets will accommodate the most commonly of used tools.

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AX3506 MC

The MC is small, lightweight and perfect for job specific tool setups eg. diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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AX3507 MB

The MB is a clip-on bag designed to hold a small selection of tools and meters.

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AX3508 MB2

Size Matters! The MB2 is a taller version of our MB meter tool bag and accommodates and protects taller meters, analysers and repair tools.

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AX3509 OT-LC

The OT-LC is a compact version of the XL with capacity to hold over 75 hand tools.

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AX3514 OT-MC

The OT-MC is a compact "open-top" tool bag with an internal plastic "box", housing a repositionable "insert" box that allows you to customize your storage space options.

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