the revolution in

condensate removal


For over 4 years Aspen Pumps has been working on a project that will take the HVAC/R industry by storm. We took the time to really listen to what engineers wanted, applied that knowledge and successfully created the first intuitive technology available for condensate pumps.


i4 Technology is the industry’s first instinctual applied science technology that when used within a pump, can control water flow, pump speed, sound and voltages at the same time, whilst informing engineers about the correct installation and fault diagnostics. From the first trials of this new technology to where we are today – i4 technology has taken us on a journey which has led to us to creating the future of installations.


So here's the clever bit.

i4 technology is made up of 4 intuitive technologies that all work harmoniously to provide a total system approach:


Intelligent flow measurement

Hydrotech measures and manages water flow on demand. The incoming flow rate is closely monitored, regulating the pump speed as required. This clever technology collects data, adjusts flow rates and switching levels.


Visual diagnostics

Pulse Technology gives an immediate indication about correct installation of the pump using a visual LED heartbeat. This heartbeat gives engineers an instant view of what the pump is thinking and doing. Pulse allows quick diagnosis without having to ‘un install’ or ‘break into’ the pump potentially saving time and money.


Controls on demand

Univolt manages voltages and electric current at source, enabling the pump to be used universally making installations easier. Also, Univolt technology allows the pump to be controlled on demand which ultimately leads to a longer pump life span.


Soft start as standard

Any pump carrying the i4 logo has truly quiet running. This is due to having soft start as standard. Having a soft start means that the pump will regulate its speed relative to the influx of water, only removing the water it needs to – leading to much quieter running as standard.