How do Aspen Pumps help?

There are two ways of draining this condensate:

  • By gravity
  • Through the use of a condensate removal pump

Removing condensate water through gravity will often have very limited practical as well as aesthetic solutions, as tubes leading the condensate water away into a suitable drain can often not go very far distances. Leading one of these tubes outside to drain out of the building can damage your walls and look very unappealing!

A condensate removal pump will solve this problem because you no longer rely on gravity, but can pump the condensate water to drain anywhere! Advantages of using a condensate removal pump:

  • No slope/gravity required
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Works in tight spaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cheaper and faster installation
  • No external impact on the building
  • Lead all the water away into a suitable drain, efficiently and effectively removing condensate water without anyone knowing

Gravity drainage is a false economy.

A condensate pump gives you control of both the room aesthetics and where you pump your condensate water to.