The Problem

Effective air conditioning in an office environment is key to comfort and productivity for office workers.  In an office, wall space is at a premium, with accessibility to ceiling voids for maintenance of a unit or gravity drain system being extremely difficult without disrupting the normal day to day running of a business. Maintenance of a gravity drain system within an office can be disruptive, time consuming and messy. Placement of an internal unit for maximum effectiveness is key as cooling is required in specific areas of an office to suit the environment and people.

The Solution

With an air conditioning pump, gravity drain systems are not required meaning that placement of the internal air conditioning unit can be mapped out according to client requirements rather than necessity. Smaller pumps which can fit directly into wall mounted units can be installed meaning that there is no need for complicated pipe runs, resulting in awkward maintenance practices. This in turn ensures that there is minimal disruption and mess.  Quieter, smaller pumps such as the mini lime, fit easily within the trunking of a wall mounted unit or the mini aqua or micro-v can be installed inside the unit – again creating only one point of maintenance within the office environment.



With hospitals running 24/7 and therefore air conditioning running the same amount, reliable pumps within a hospital environment is imperative to ensure cleanliness and minimal maintenance requirements.

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Traditionally, hotels have installed window fans for air conditioning and floor standing units and pumps could only be accessed when the guests are not in situ.

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