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Limescale remover for Adiabatic condensers. condensers. Constant water-cooling quickly deposits a thick mineral coating on metal surfaces, restricting airflow and insulating heat-exchange fins. This buildup causes soaring head pressures as the condenser struggles to dissipate heat, eventually leading to system failure. Worse, because heat-exchange fins are so delicate, there was no way to remove the scale without damaging the coil… until now. New ScalePro is the world’s only descaler specially designed with this problem in mind – powerful enough to rescue systems that would otherwise need to be condemned.
Ready to use

Ready to use



    Part number Description Pack qty Size
    S010147GB ScalePro 4 5 L
    S010336GB ScalePro 1 20 L
    • Rapidly removes scale from condenser coils
    • Restores system efficiency
    • Safe on aluminium coils
    • Perfect for adiabatic coolers
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