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Data Centre - Salford

Data Centre Salford 1

Roof Finish

Concrete Floor Slab


Chiller and Access

Big Foot

Custom HD Cubes and Custom Access

Big foot Systems were tasked with designing and supplying a non-penetrative plant deck solution to provide suitable support for four large chillers and appropriate access throughout to allow easy maintenance to all sides of the units.

The system incorporated mounting points designed to take the nearly two tonne point loads of which the positioning of these were critical to allow a smooth install of the chillers. The steel grid was fabricated to precise dimensions to sit around the chillers tightly leaving no gaps for trip hazards.

We also had to factor in a fall across the slab, so varying height adjustable legs were essential to enable the site team to level up the deck precisely ahead of the chillers being lifted into place.

All parties are very happy with the outcome with all design requirements achieved and delivered in line with programme.

One of the biggest challenges on a project of this scale, is to be able to design a system that can be installed with relative ease. Of course, the key aspect of this system was to ensure all four 12-tonne chillers are suitably supported. Each point load was supported with fully braced custom HD Cubes. This allowed us to support the chiller safely and distribute the load accordingly. The access deck was then built around each chiller support.

Precision was key, as the entire deck had to completed prior to the chiller install, all four chillers were crane-lifted and dropped onto our system without issue.

Ashley Simmans

Big Foot Systems Site Engineer

Data Centre Salford 1
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