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Climate & comfort

For those of us living in traditionally cooler climates, we tend to associate air conditioning with an essential comfort service in the busy workplace, or when visiting the gym or a sunny holiday destination. It is one of life’s little peculiarities that so many people crave time in the sun, but then place so much importance in having access to the cooling effects of air conditioning to escape it!  

Optimum conditions

As we enter a new decade, the traditional associations for cooling are changing. Warmer summers; an increase in home working; and more investment in domestic health and well-being spaces are all contributing to making air conditioning a necessity rather than a discretionary service in the home.

Comfort is critical in our homes, and around 68% of air conditioning around the world is used in residential spaces: a personal space where we like to retreat for peace and quiet, where aesthetics are important and a clean clutter free environment can lead to a healthier mind.  

Residential A/C accounts for


of installations worldwide

Smarter & quieter

Modern air conditioning systems are perfectly designed for these domestic requirements. They are becoming increasingly efficient which means they are cheaper to run as well as being less expensive to buy from the outset. They are much smarter and quieter than ever before too, and importantly, they are designed to be slimline in style and tuck into a home with minimal impact. That is why it is so critical to ensure that other parts of the system, such as the condensate removal pump, remain faithful to the pursuit of aesthetic beauty with clean lines and minimal noise.

Out of sight

At Aspen Pumps Group we have engineered a range of pumps ideally suited for air conditioning in the modern domestic environment. With the Silent+ Mini Orange and Silent+ Mini Aqua range of pumps we have not only made the pump itself extremely quiet through design innovation, but both can be installed outside of the room. No trunking on the wall, no visible wires and most importantly of all, no sound to interrupt your peace and quiet.

Whether reading a book, concentrating on a puzzle or sleeping soundly in the bedroom, with the pump outside of the room, modern air conditioning now meets our modern lifestyle.  

Find out how a Mini Aqua hides away

Mini Aqua - designed to fit where other’s can’t!

The perfect solution

The Aspen range includes a pump for every application… and as our customers have come to expect, we have the perfect solution for domestic cooling.  

Silent+ Mini Pump Range

Mini Pump Range

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