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Project design considerations

Understanding that every installation is different, we offer an extensive range of non-penetrative support solutions – meeting the demands of any project. Our highly skilled in-house engineers provide a technical design service to create custom designs, tailored to more complex projects. Offering a unique site service for custom projects where detail is key, our project managers are on hand to support and advise. We are on hand every step of the way.

Big Foot Systems SCI Kerbiniou

Roof Types

The company premises needed to support a 1600kg chiller and, due to the age of the asphalt roof, the customer requested a solution with a foot pressure less than 10 kN/m².

The Big Foot Bespoke Frame that was designed by the Technical Team, with long box leg assemblies and 600mm feet, offered unparalleled load distribution to support the unique heavy duty requirements of this chiller. Custom mounting plates were also designed to support the unit's internal anti-vibration mounts.

Asphalt roof: SCI Kerbiniou, France

Big Foot Systems Coca-Cola Enterprises, UK


Big Foot Systems utilise adjustable leg assemblies on all designs to enable easy on-site levelling to suit any minor roof fall. The adjustment in most cases is sufficient, however if the pitch is a little greater we can offer angled mats up to a fall of 5 degrees. This allows the system to be levelled correctly.

Pitch perfect: Coca-Cola Enterprises

Big Foot Systems Know How Crossrail

Unit considerations

It is always very important to understand exactly what is being supported when designing a suitable non-penetrative system. Air handling units often have several sections with varying weights to consider and chillers have anti vibration mounts at specific locations. It is essential that this is picked up at the design stage to make sure that all parts of the equipment are supported appropriately.

The right support: London Cross Rail, UK

Big Foot Systems, Penthouse Arizona

Wind exposure

Although we design to specific wind loading criteria as standard, it is always good to know the location of the system. It can then be assessed on whether any additional or reduced wind loading need be applied. Detailed analysis is carried out to ensure that any project specific criteria is met.

Exposure analysis: Rooftop support on US penthouse apartment

Exceptional Service

At Big Foot Systems we understand that time is money, so our UK based team aim to provide a quote within 48 hours of receipt of project information (very large projects may require longer timeframes). Our qualified technical designers will issue drawings within 48 hours* of an order being placed and once approved, product can be on site as soon as the following day. We know that no two projects are the same, so you can trust us to provide tailored solutions for any project, big or small. 

Our product delivery promises to you:

  • Standard product - Next Day
  • Bespoke projects - 3-5 days from drawing approval
  • Custom works - 20 days from drawing approval

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