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Welcome to Aspen Pumps Groups Knowledge Hub. An ever evolving area of features, trade expertise, technical know-how to industry insights across all our brands. Watch this space!


Saving systems, and the planet, one leak at a time

System leaks are nature of the HVAC/R beast. But finding them fast can stop the problem becoming bigger, more expensive and less harmful to the environment. We find out what is exactly happening and what we can do...

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Leak Detection… So what are the rules?

HVAC/R Engineers are some of the most highly skilled trades people in the world. And as with any profession, you need to keep on top of ever-changing regulations, training and compliances. Thankfully the internet is full of useful content available for Engineers relating to F-Gas renewals courses, product training and CPD and we have put together some links which will take you to the appropriate places, plus a handy guide relating to leak checking and regulations.

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The Leak Detectorists: unsung heroes or dedicated sleuths?

In our collective fight for our planet, what the world doesn’t need is leaking refrigerant, but leaks happen, it’s the nature of the beast. So, it’s just as well that our industry is blessed with engineers who know how to track those leaks down and, in many cases, prevent them from happening in the first place. We explore the challenges as well as the benefits ahead...

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Flexible cooling

As temperatures and humidity levels increase globally, installations of AC systems are set to soar as AC units are accepted as a necessity rather than a luxury the few can access.

A pump for every application – built to be the best

As with all AC systems, mini splits also require the removal of condensate water that is generated from the unit in an effective and safe way. The condensate amount can vary depending on the type of environment that the unit is placed in.

Building Systems and types

Complex pipe runs, mini pumps make it possible. There is a greater understanding for the need for a more reliable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing solution from professional installation Engineer, who must take into account several factors...

Aspen Pumps

Climate & comfort

Air conditioning in the home has seen a rapid increase over recent years. We take a look at why and how mini pumps have an essential role to play...


Project design considerations

Understanding that every installation is different, we offer an extensive range of non-penetrative support solutions...

Ultimate installation flexibility

Condensate removal – it’s easy with a condensate drain pump...