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Coca-Cola increase the production hall cooling ventilation capacity


Wakefield, UK


AHUs and Safe Access

Big Foot:

HD Beams and Custom Safe Access

Coca-Cola Enterprises GB wanted to increase the production hall cooling ventilation capacity, looking to add two new AHUs to the existing standing seam roof, requiring minimal disruption to operation of the largest soft drinks factory in Europe.

Big Foot were able to propose several solutions for consideration, leading to a fully-developed solution spanning the purlins and taking the load back to the main rafters. A Big Foot engineer attended the site to carry out several surveys and provided site presence for the frame erection as well as the frame and AHU crane lift to the roof. The full installation was carried out within five hours.

BFS CocaCola-1
BFS CocaCola-2
BFS CocaCola-3
BFS CocaCola-design1
BFS CocaCola-design2

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