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Big Foot provide a bespoke solution for Leicester University


Leicester, UK


AC & Flue Extract

Big Foot:

Bespoke Frame

The University’s 3500m² roof was suffering from age-related degradation - the whole area needed to be re-roofed and the mechanical services, from small AHUs and AC equipment to fans and ductwork replaced.

Big Foot Systems were approached to provide a bespoke solution that would support all the plant, whilst being lightweight and non-penetrative. Since fume cupboard extracts were part of the M&E installation, another consideration was selecting a support solution that offered stability without requiring rooftop wind protection, as this would hamper extraction.

BFS LeicesterUni-1
BFS LeicesterUni-2
BFS LeicesterUni-3
BFS LeicesterUni-4
BFS LeicesterUni-design

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