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Split Bracket

Aspen’s Split Bracket makes light work of AC Installation

Aprile 17, 2019

Time is money… Whether it is due to meeting a tight construction schedule or just keeping customers happy, it is important for air conditioning (AC) engineers to fit AC units simply and quickly.

The Split Bracket, from Aspen Xtra, is supplied pre-assembled, is easy to install and offers support for every requirement, which means engineers will know they always have the right solution in the back of their van.

When selecting an AC support solution, adjustability is key to ensuring it is suitable for a wide range of install applications to suit specific site conditions. Featuring multiple adjustable crossbar fixing points and integrated levelling bolts – the Split Bracket offers improved installation flexibility. The Split Bracket can be fitted using either the horizontal crossbar, or directly to the wall as bracket arm pairs, negating the need for AC engineers to buy separate products.

Adjustable feet fixing positions are another plus point with this type of support since it means it will suit a wide range of manufacturers’ AC units. The Split Bracket is available in three sizes (60kg, 90kg & 140kg) to suit all market requirements covering most applications meaning it will support even the heaviest of condenser units.

To ensure precise installation every time, the Split Bracket even features a handy integrated spirit level. Meanwhile, the bracket’s pre-assembled easy fit hinged support arm will also ensure that on-site assembly is kept to a bare minimum.

Strength and durability are vital when it comes to AC supports, therefore to ensure a long installation life, the Split Bracket is manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel and finished with a powder coating to resist corrosion.

The combination of quick, easy installation, adjustability to suit all AC units and a robust construction mean this bracket will comfortably accommodate the most demanding of condenser units with ease.