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Aspen Launches Best in Class Tank Pump

April 3, 2017

Aspen Pumps, the UK’s market leader in condensate removal pumps, has launched the MAX Hi-Flow tank pump. An evolution in tank pumps, the MAX Hi-Flow offers best in class performance and build-quality, as well as being the safest and quietest tank pump on the market. Making specification simple, the MAX Hi-Flow replaces all Aspen Pumps’ existing tank pumps, the 0.5L, 1L and 2L Hi-Flow, allowing distributors to hold less stock and AC contractors to stock fewer pumps in their vans.

Boasting a low profile of only 134mm high, 144mm wide, by 285mm long the MAX Hi-Flow makes installation in shallow ceiling voids simple and so is ideal for use in cassette air conditioning applications. Perfect for buildings where noise is an issue the MAX Hi-Flow is quieter than any tank pump currently on the market. Featuring market-leading design the pump’s motor and impellor system have been configured to achieve the quietest operating noise level, 44d(A).

Designed with AC contractors in mind the MAX Hi-Flow offers a raft of features to make install safe and simple with no maintenance call outs. As the only pump on the market with IP24 rating the MAX Hi-Flow improves installation safety since it is splash proof.

Equipped with multiple mounting clips, as well as a built-in spirit level, and plug & play connection, all make the MAX Hi-Flow a simple and reliable installation. Plus a quick release reservoir allows the unit to be serviced while still attached to either the wall or rod mounts. This feature makes servicing far easier and safer for AC contractors helping to avoid reservoir water spills.

Aspen Pumps’ extensive range boasts the largest variety of condensate removal pumps for the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry, with something suitable for every application. The pumps boast reliability, ease of installation and are the quietest on the market and feature non-return valves. Aspen Pumps’ continued success and achievements have been built by the hands-on experience of installation engineers, making Aspen Pumps the market leader in condensate removal.