Boiler Pumps

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A condensing boiler is a high efficiency boiler that recycles and takes heat from the exhaust gases leaving excess water. Our high performance boiler pumps remove this excess water offering excellent performance, easy inspection and great aesthetics.

  • Boiler specific
  • High performance
  • Easy inspection
  • Great aesthetics


Boiler pump product range


Designed to take the heat! Extra quick & easy to fit, the Kitchen all-in-one boiler pump is designed to be fitted beneath domestic gas boilers and furnaces.

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The compact boiler pump uses piston technology and has an impressive head and flow. Ideal for domestic gas boilers and furnaces.

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The next step up, our Alarm boiler pump uses centrifugal technology and comes with a built in audible alarm for extra piece of mind.

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This high efficiency boiler pump offers unsurpassed performance and is ideal for commercial boiler applications.

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