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Big Foot Provides Support to Primark

Big foot support system Primark


Burnley, UK


AHUu2019s and Plant Room

Big Foot:

HD Frames, Custom safe access

Big Foot Systems has supplied its HD Frames with custom safe access to support rooftop plant at a new Primark store in Burnley. The new development offers more than 32,000 square feet of retail space over two floors. Big Foot was tasked with providing individual plant support complete with maintenance access for the roof top plant on the project.

Three large air handling units and one generator required a non-penetrative support system, together with access platforms to enable maintenance and clear walkways around the roof. The roof was an extremely tight space to work with, resulting in Big Foot incorporating two forms of fire escape into the support system.

“It was extremely important to provide a fit-for-purpose support system with additional safe access. Our initial challenge was to design the support system using as much stocked componentry as possible, to save time and to be more cost effective. This was a real challenge since stocked components are only available in certain size increments and not all the units on the rooftop were the same, so need to be supported accordingly” explains Ashley Simmans of Big Foot Systems. “Due to the tight spatial restrictions, we had to tweak our initial designs since all the individual frames ended up being located next to each other. After a swift redesign, we overcame all issues and supplied unit support and safe maintenance access areas for all plant.”

The final Big Foot design allowed access to all the plant doors, providing safe maintenance areas to service the equipment. A small step-over was also included to enable the walkways around the roof to be clear from any trip hazards, a key consideration when working at height. The finished product was a non-penetrative custom design that catered for all the project requirements, while keeping the integrity of the roof intact.

HD Custom Frames are project specific non-penetrative support frames for large, heavy, irregular shaped or unevenly loaded plant. With the aid of technical surveyors, a highly skilled engineering team and use of engineering tools such as ANSYS (FEA/CFD) etc. Big Foot Systems can design and manufacture complete one-off solutions. Solutions include frames similar to a standard LD product but utilising larger and longer sectional bars; a custom arrangement of HD Cubes or HD Beams; or, for more complex applications, a frame can be designed and fabricated specifically for the project requirements.

The Big Foot Safe Access range is designed to allow a secure route for service engineers and other trades to gain access to plant and for managing the flow of other personnel. Offering a comprehensive range of solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, Big Foot’s Safe Access systems provide standard site-assembled, safe access walkways, platforms and step overs. In addition, Big Foot will survey and design custom Safe Access systems tailored specifically to meet individual design parameters.

Offering specifiers a comprehensive range of freestanding systems, Big Foot’s products are designed and manufactured by the company for a wide variety of applications, including HVAC, solar units and safe access equipment. The product portfolio provides complete, simple, safe and secure non-penetrative, prefabricated roof support systems negating a need for time consuming and costly penetrations through the roof.

Big Foot Systems’ products and systems are quick and easy to install ensuring project cost and time clarity, thus reducing the need for complex, time-consuming and expensive detailing. Offering improved roof aesthetics, Big Foot Systems provides engineered solutions that are innovative in design, robust and repeatable. Big Foot combines market-leading products and services, which include system design and on-site support. Available to install in all weathers utilising familiar componentry, all systems are designed with safety, security and simplicity in mind. Finally, Big Foot Systems offers short manufacture and delivery lead times to help a project meet its schedule and stay within budget.

Big Foot Primark
Big Foot Primark

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