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A pump for every application – built to be the best

As with all AC systems, mini splits also require the removal of condensate water that is generated from the unit in an effective and safe way. The condensate amount can vary depending on the type of environment that the unit is placed in.

Low sound, high performance

Aspen Pumps are at the forefront of condensate pump technology. As engineers, we understand the complexity of installations and so create market leading products that are designed to best suit the application and environment. We pride ourselves on providing professionals with everything they need for the perfect installation.

aspen mini pumps in unit

Domestic living room

Building type: Brick walls, timber frames, lofts, ceiling void
Considerations: Quiet, aesthetically pleasing
Air quality: Pet hair, dust, skin, microorganisms
A/C system type: Mini wall split
Aspen product: Silent+ Mini Aqua

Silent+ Mini Aqua

Office canteen

Building type: Brick walls, glass bricks
Considerations: Easy to maintain
Air quality: Grease, high humidity
A/C system type: Mini wall split
Aspen product: Mini Blanc

Mini Blanc


Building type: Concrete, glass, metal walls
Considerations: Shallow ceiling voids, concrete ceilings, historic buildings
Air quality: Dust, skin, microorganisms
A/C system type: Ducted units

When we say our mini pumps have maximum power, that is what we mean...

10% flow reduction



15% flow reduction



20% flow reduction



Download our handy 'Discharge pipe run sheet' for mini and maxi pumps.

Pipe Run Sheet

A look at system types

Take a look at different system and pipe run scenarios and how are pumps can be easily fitted.

Building and system types

Pump selector

Need help finding the right pump for your unit?

The Aspen Pumps pump selector is a guide to help match your unit to the right pump.