The Problem

Traditionally, hotels have installed window fans for air conditioning and floor standing units and pumps could only be accessed when the guests are not in situ. If the guests are in situ, installers having to maintain systems in a rush could lead to incorrect usage set up and damage. Also, traditional gravity drain systems can be an issue with fire regulations and building regulations meaning that a different solution had to be created. Maintenance of such systems can be difficult due to accessibility to the room when guests are in situ. When access is available, maintenance can be time consuming for the installer and costly for the hotel as separate systems are used in each individual room. Alongside this, noisy and unreliable pumps can keep guests awake at night, leading to complaints to the management.

The Solution

The creation of the peristaltic pump allows for a serviceable pump to be fitted outside the room and attach to multiple units. Access to the pump is easier as the installer does not have to access individual rooms to maintain the pump. By situating the pump outside the guest rooms also means that there is no noise or disruption to the guest. Redesigned rooms within hotels have also allowed for wall mounted units to be fitted with smaller, quieter and more efficient pumps installed within the actual unit. For example, the Micro-v with sure start technology means that water is gradually removed from the reservoir rather than the traditional ‘on and off’ switch function other pumps. This ensures a quieter running operation – perfect for a goods night sleep. 



Effective air conditioning in an office environment is key to comfort and productivity for office workers.

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With hospitals running 24/7 and therefore air conditioning running the same amount, reliable pumps within a hospital environment is imperative to ensure cleanliness and minimal maintenance requirements.

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