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Three easy steps to a clean AC system

Over time, A/C units work hard and eventually organic matter will build up, causing systems to become blocked. This has a direct effect on system performance, causing bad odours and making systems more expensive to run, possibly resulting in unit failure. This is why regular planned maintenance is so important.

Clear. Clean. Protect

If regularly undertaken, our recommended three stage cleaning process will help ensure your customers' AC system maintains optimum performance and efficiency and continues to run for many years to come. 


Step 1: Clear

Clear organic blockages from the condensate tray and drain. 

Recommended products:


DrainKleen OneShot

Step 2: Clean

Clean to remove and disinfect all types of common dirt, microbial contaminants, debris and organic growth. 

Recommended products:





Step 3: Protect

Protect condensate tray and drain from sludge build-up.

Recommended products:


StayClean Strips

3 step AC cleaning

Deep cleaning that gets to the heart of the problem

Advanced products are specifically formulated for AC equipment and the tough environmental demands they face daily.

  • Inorganics (water spots, lime scale, rust, corrosion, rocks / asphalt, fuel emissions)
  • Organics (fats, body oils, bacteria, mould, slime and yeast)
  • Keeping fresh: Our range of smell busting & finishing products such as SmellyJelly, EasyFresh, EasyFinish and EasyWipes will keep your units in tip top condition.

From drain unblockers to dissolving grease, Advanced has the right product for the job.

before after - drain pan

Benefits of regular A/C maintenance

  • Improved energy efficiency, cooling duties and reduced C02 emissions
  • Drains kept clear and smelly microbial growth destroyed
  • Kills and removes 99.99% bacteria, fungi, spores & viruses 
  • Maintains good indoor air quality 
  • Extends life of the unit
  • Clean units reduce the risk of frozen evaporators and refrigerant leaks

Products used in photo:


StayClean Mini Tablets