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Aspen Storms Ahead

September 1, 2017

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Aspen Pumps is well known in the ACR sector as the UK’s market leader in design and manufacture of condensate removal pumps and accessories for HVAC/R industry. Boasting an impressive range of Mini, Tank, Peristaltic, Supermarket and Boiler pumps, Aspen Pumps also offers a full range of installation accessories which means they tick all the boxes for engineers working on site.

The company’s continued success and achievements have been built by the hands-on experience of installation engineers. Long-term investment in UK manufacturing, commitment to innovation, expert knowledge of the industry and global marketing achievements have seen the business flourish. Aspen’s primary focus is to make installers’ lives easier and to offer the most reliable condensate removal pumps.


As a result, since 2007 Aspen Pumps has trebled in size. The company is the only ACR ancillaries business with global reach and now trades in over 100 companies worldwide, spanning from Europe to the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East to Australasia. The company has business premises on four continents.

Aspen’s growth has continued and accelerated. In fact, Aspen Pumps Group has ambitious plans to become the number one global market leader and has been completing strategic acquisitions during the last 18 months to build towards this goal. In May 2016, Aspen Pumps secured territory in Germany with the acquisition of long-time channel partner Malessa & Schüller GmbH. This was followed by Aspen Pumps investing in Salina SAS in April 2017, another long-term channel partner with offices located in Paris and a distribution centre in Pavilly, France.

As well as channel acquisitions, Aspen Pumps invested in JAVAC UK in June 2017 securing a vital cog in the supply of tooling in the UK since the business is market leader in tools, vacuum and refrigeration products. However, growth hasn’t just been achieved through acquisitions, Aspen Pumps is known for its innovative technological firsts and 2017 has seen Aspen add an entirely new product type to its portfolio with the launch of a range of chemicals aimed at helping engineers maintain ACR equipment.

Technological Advances

This year Aspen Pumps launched Storm Chemicals a new range of innovative products designed to clean and maintain Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACR) equipment. Developed to meet the needs of today’s challenging ACR maintenance requirements, Storm Chemicals have been formulated to promote a healthy indoor environment and improve energy efficiency.

Offering contractors an extensive range of cleaning and maintenance solutions needed to maintain ACR units, Storm boasts a unique formula that takes cleaning to the next level, offering a deeper, long-lasting and safer clean which results in fewer call backs and saves money.

Featuring unique Micro-Tech Deep Cleaning Technology, the Storm Chemicals range has been formulated to meet the needs of today’s challenging maintenance requirements. Unlike conventional cleaners, this technology provides microscopic cleaning deep into the surface, beyond the biofilm, resulting in a longer lasting clean and an improved indoor environment.

Offering a comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance products to ensure contractors have the correct solution at their fingers tips, the Storm range comprises: Evaporator Cleaner & Disinfectant; Condenser Cleaner; Universal Coil Cleaner; Odour Neutraliser; Coil Coat; Leak Detector; Condenser Cleaner & Degreaser; Case Cleaner; Ice Machine Cleaner; Drain Unblock; and Portable AC Cleaner.

First Probiotic Cleaner

In addition, within the Storm range are a series of ground-breaking products powered by Green XL, the first probiotic cleaner on the market developed specifically for use in the ACR sector. Offering the market tomorrow’s solution today, Green XL’s innovative technology uses ‘good’ microbes to remove dirt and cleans beyond the microscopic layer (biofilm), ensuring a product remains clean in-between service intervals.

Plus, as Green XL is 100% biodegradable it means engineers don't have to worry about COSHH restrictions for transport, use and storage, since it is harmless to people and animals as well as being environmentally friendly. In addition, the ‘good’ microbes help provide a healthier indoor environment with improved indoor air quality (IAQ) as they remove the ‘bad’ bacteria and are not harmful when breathed in.

As well as the health and environmental benefits, this new breed of cleaner can improve energy efficiency of ACR equipment by up to 30%, a significant amount for building owners. To achieve maximum energy saving and comply with energy efficiency legislation, long-term probiotic protection means AC will be cleaner for longer and so work more efficiently and result in fewer call backs.

Not only does probiotic cleaning technology tick all the boxes on health and wellbeing and efficiency for end-users, it also provides a highly effective clean for AC engineers. Customer satisfaction is only ensured if the job is done well and probiotic cleaners are highly effective. Offering an immediate intensive clean result which goes beyond the surface, AC engineers can be assured that AC equipment doesn’t just look clean, but is clean, Removing dust, mould, bacteria and other pollution from deep in the system also neutralises bad musty odours which customers will appreciate. The system will remain clean for far longer than AC equipment cleaned with traditional cleaners with the healthy ‘good’ microbes continuing to protect the AC equipment from ‘bad’ bacteria, long after a service maintenance visit so helping ensure customers are happy when engineers return for their next visit. Plus the probiotic cleaning technology has a non-aggressive, non-corrosive action which will protect equipment rather than damage it.

AC engineers will appreciate the long-term protection probiotics provide which will result in fewer call backs since AC equipment will be clean for longer and so work more efficiently unhampered by dirt and grime. Being 100% biodegradable and harmless to humans and animals makes the products easier to use, transport and store which removes a big headache for engineers. Finally, as it dries streak free, probiotic cleaning technology gives a professional finish to a job.

The launch of Green XL and the whole Storm Chemicals range is the latest brand addition to Aspen Pump Group’s growing product portfolio. Aspen Pumps Group comprises: Aspen Pumps, the UK’s market-leader in condensate pumps; Aspen Xtra, one of the World’s largest ranges of HVACR installation accessories; Big Foot Systems, the World’s largest manufacturer of rooftop free-standing frames for HVAC plant; and the recent addition of JAVAC UK. By providing this extensive range of HVAC/R products, Aspen Pumps Group offers engineers reliable every-day solutions to simplify work on site. Already a busy year for Aspen, this unrivalled portfolio means the company looks set to go from strength to strength.